Friday, February 22, 2013

My Life as a Disney Story

Disclaimer: I had to really reach for 10 reasons. lol

Clip #1: 

The Fiance seems to have a thing for staring at me as I sleep. (That sounds odd to type... likely because it is.)

Example 1: He asked me to marry his on one knee beside the bed as I woke up. 
Example 2: He likes to wake me up now by kissing me (see picture above.) This is true especially if he has to work on the weekend but I make the 3 hr drive anyway.

Although really creepy, I actually love it. Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney movies.
(If Disney does it, it must be "OK" **sarcasm**)

When my mom asked how he proposed, I told her the only thing I would have done different is wear my makeup to bed that night. Mom told me that it's good that accepts me completely and it's great I don't need to be anyone else around him. (valid point)

Clip #2
My college roommate will testify this is me cooking.... 

Clip #3
He asked me out 3 times in High School before I said yes. He actually go my phone number from my best friend who had a crush on him at the time. This did not go over well.

Clip #4: 

I like shiny stuff.

Clip #5: 

I like to pretend like everything is going to be ok and nothing is wrong.

Clip #6: 
The house I grew up in has a wood burner as a heater. My dad would chop wood from our forest for the winter.

Clip #7:
Long distance relationships.

Clip #8: 
My parents have a farm with a pond.

Clip #9: 
He likes to grab for my hand. It's uncomfortable so I normally just interlock my index finger around his since his hands are so big.

And finally Clip #10: 
To be honest though (not sleeping beauty), the almost Dr. Fiance looks a lot like Gaston.

(^ wedding photo booth)

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