Why Write This?

Basically it boils down to:

  1.  I have too much time during the summer.
  2.  This is better than therapy for me.

  Dr. training is brutal for obviously the Dr. but also the significant other. As you will find over and over in this blog, he and I have been together since sophomore year in high school. Our relationship has had ups and downs as does everyone's. When I started the blog, he was in MS2/3 (see "speak my language") and we were long distance. I got really lonely after taking a job in another part of the state and living alone for the first time. Since I couldn't afford cable as a first year teacher, I turned into a major internet junky. Apparently, medical spouses like to blog about their problems. The online world has shown me that I am not alone and situations get better.

Ladies, thank you for helping me get through the training years and after.

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