Wednesday, February 13, 2013

...Because it makes me happy!

Top things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside:
  1. TMI girls night chats (because you cant help but giggle)
  2. Pilates class
  3. Having all my grades entered in the computer
  4. Going to the gym with the Fiance
  5. Being sore from a workout
  6. Seeing progress in the mirror
  7. Meeting goals
  8. Finding a new song I really like
  9. Dance breaks in my kitchen or living room to that song (learned that on my bed results in a ruined mattress) 
  10. 70 degree and sunny days ("flapping weather" since it makes me want to flap my arms and smile)
  11. Personal maintenance (getting eyebrows threaded/ self tanning/ curling my hair/ doing my make up)
  12. When my apartment is clean (not to be confused with the act of cleaning)
  13. A proportioned, packaged and  planned out menu for the day 

What made you smile today?

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