Thursday, February 7, 2013

Parenting: Note To Self

When and if I have a girl many years from now...

I'm not going to teach her to be a lady. Society defines this to act and look a certain way. If she only knows how to be lady-like, she will only know how to search for approval from society. This has a time and a place, but is not the end all be all.

I'm going to teach her to
* realize her inner and outer beauty and to realize that "fitting in" doesn't define her.
* be a go-getter, confident, a little bit sassy yet kind, compassionate, and smart.
* value learning everything about everything
* dream big.
* overcomes insecurities to reach her goals.
* know that she has more power as a women by upholding her reputation.
* understand her success and how she attained her goal
* define happiness as when family is together
* to only date men that she would want her son's to be like and her daughters to marry

that is all. mind wanders sometimes.... :)

To the way future Claira Rosalie Bishop...

Apparently my mind thinks you will be Hermione

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