Time Line

  • ·         Had high school Spanish together but never formally met

  • ·         Met through mutual friends at Bdubs after a high school football game. He gave Jess a piggy back ride and would not let her down.
  • ·         He asked Jess out via note in the hallway. She said “I’m to busy right now.”
  • ·         Again he asked Jess out via note in the hallway. She said “I’m to busy right now.”
  • ·         He got her home phone number from a friend because she didn’t have a cell phone yet. “You want to go out sometime?” “Ok.”
  • ·         First Date:
  • ·         Second Date: Bowling with church youth group
  • ·         Third Date: First Kiss…She kissed him. She had braces then.
  • ·         Went to the jr. homecoming dance together

  • ·         He sits in on a knee surgery via long distance learning in anatomy class and decides what he wants to be when he grows up!
  • ·         Went to the jr. prom together
  • ·         Went to sr. homecoming together

  • ·         Both accepted to The Ohio State University
  • ·         Went to sr. prom together (both on court)
  • ·         Graduate high school. He: top 5 and spoke at graduation. Jess: honors
  • ·         Jess and Mr. Almost Dr.’s dorms are connected through an underground tunnel! Yay for winter!

  • ·         Graduate from OSU. Jess gets Bachelor’s degree in Middle Childhood Education concentrating on math and science. Mr. Almost Dr. gets Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology
  • ·         Mr. Almost Dr. goes to The University of Toledo Medical College (MD) program.
  • ·         Jess continues at OSU for her Master’s in Education. (starts long distance relationship)

  • ·          Graduates with Master’s degree in Education.
  • ·         Takes job in Lancaster, Ohio.(continues long distance)

  • ·         Mr. Almost Dr. asks Jess to marry him at her apartment. She said YES! (dating 8 yrs)

  • ·         MATCH DAY!
  • ·         Married June 7th 2014.... Reception held at same venue for their senior prom.
  • ·         Move to Huntington, WV to start Mr. Dr’s Orthopedic Surgery Residency through Marshall University 
  •        Bought FIRST home!
  •        Jess started new teaching job

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