Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not So Glam

I am reminded tonight of my dream to live in New York as I watch The City on Netflix. I have talked about it for years. Before taking my current job I was boarder line ready to move. Everyone from my immediate family in small town rural Ohio said I shouldn't. 2 weeks later I moved to a bigger small town in Ohio for my 1st big girl

Typically I am wearing high heels to teach. I wear dresses when most wear khakis. Boo.

I recently got back into the taking better care of myself mode... eyebrows threaded- self tanned- nail done- hitting the gym- whitening the teeth haha etc I'm feeling great!

 So exciting to wait for match day! Ugh so far away still!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Reality Check - Starter Home

I love day dreaming about the perfect pinterest home. I recently discovered and decided to stop living in the clouds. I think if he gets residency in Columbus we could afford a $600-$800 mortgage with me still working. Now, if we get residency somewhere else- who knows. I love that my job in in Cbus. It's close to home (ish), and the cost of houses are dirt cheap. We still have a bit over a year until we find out. Boo.

This is more like what we will be starting out in:
Foreclosure: 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 2000 sq ft, $90,000, 30 minutes away from my school and 30 minutes away from downtown cbus/ hospital, small fenced lot

He and I discussed aiming for 2 kiddos during residency so a 3 bedroom would work too. 

I just love this next one:
I mean, really, how cute in the curb appeal. -and look at the ceiling in the living room. This one is $124,000. 2,000 sq ft, with a fireplace & same distance from both our work. 4 beds 2.5 bath. LOVE. With our very very very small down payment, it would be in budget.! Bah- now it has to be on the market for 2 years!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ridiculous Dream Home Ideas

My mom would never stop grumbling about how small the house I grew up in was. Often my Grandma B, my mom and I would ride around the countryside looking at the newly built homes. HGTV has been on non stop at home and grandma's since I can remember. Naturally I picked up the gene. Although this ideal house would be nice by any standard, I am extremely messy. It's bad- really bad. A house like this is not realistic nevertheless fun to pretend build. :)!

House Plan:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Lives Are A Different Type of Romance

I am sadly constantly bugging him about next year and where we might live for residency. My heart goes out to him for more than one reason. He is our conversation as of tonight.

can u tell me about my life
i need it

well you get to spend the rest of it with me!!!! dont know if that is good or bad

come onn lol

well we will be getting married soon which is nice then get to live together which is nicer, then after we get settled in we can start thinking about babies assuming you are in the right state of mind, then after some hard work it will pay off and we will be able to have all of the things we ever wanted

thats the most romantic thing you have ever said
im serious


He is kind of amazing.

Wedding Planning

Date is set: June 7th, 2014!

This just so happens to be the day after he graduates from medical school.... opps.
                         Why THAT date??
The weekend before I am still in school.
The weekend after is his momma's bday.
The weekend after his momma's bday is set aside for honeymoon/ moving to our new residency locale.
The week after that he starts orientation for his ortho (fingers crossed) residency.

He graduates a 2 pm the Friday before our wedding. I really don't see us being stressed and rushing back to both our hometown to have our rehearsal dinner that night. It's 4 hours away. One of my friend's at work said hers was the day of as sort of a brunch thing and it worked out great. Bridesmaids from out of town didn't spend forever in a "weird" place, and everyone had their part fresh in their mind for the wedding ceremony.

I have no idea the logistics- its just gonna have to work out. lol

RECEPTION LOCATION: Where we had Prom senior year. We already had a "grand entrance  there during prom court together.  :) very cute I think !

COLORS: slate blue gray, black, white, pale pink



CENTERPIECES: Pedestal with cheese cakes at each table since we are not having a wedding cake.  When the staff takes the cheese cake to cut it, they will replace it with chocolate covered strawberries.


MY WEDDING DRESS: something trumpet that shows off my backside ;)


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baby Freak OUT!

We are still long distance and 1 and a half years away from our wedding but I am starting to have baby fever about once every 2 weeks. Immediately I snap back into reality. He was at my apartment over the weekend.  Our thing has become waking up Saturday and going to IHOP followed by a trip to blockbusters to rent several movies. This was a especially lazy weekend. He was playing around on my laptop and happened to bring up his work schedule for the past 3 weeks. (I posted on this under "I think I want to do 2 fellowships").   It scares me to death that

1.) There will never be a good time to have babies.
2.) He will never be home to help.
3.) I will be a "single mom".
4.) If I have to stay home to care for them during residency, money will be an issue.
5.) Being away from family during when they are little.

Not knowing is scary. When I get upset, he is very good about calming me and letting me know it would be ok. This time I think a part of him was feeling the same- apprehension. Boo...

Pinterest Dream Kitchens

Ahhh... these are wonderful. If only I knew how to cook.




Must remember: