Sunday, February 10, 2013


I have been running with the school's "polar bear running club" which has not been kind to my good 'ol pair of running kicks. My Nikes finally need replaced after both heels have warn down to the inner foam lining and the top of the shoe might birth my pinky toe any day now. We usually run 3 days a week at 2-4 miles each time. The club has been together for about 5 months now.... that's a ton of running! (Math: considering the times I skipped practice... I would guess around 144 miles so far)

Dick's Sporting Goods had these Nike Free +5 Runners on sale for $100. What is really freakn' cool about these is that they have a winterized waterproof sheild and reflective coating! After researching, they also make a jacket out of the same material. - Let's be honest.... getting hit by a car will really ruin your day.

Seriously considering getting the jacket as well!!!!

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