Sunday, February 10, 2013

Puppies, Metal, & Diamonds

It seems like all of my co-workers are getting houses and puppies. Ok... not all... 3 of them. Dr. Fiance and I   went to a puppy store over the weekend. He wants an English Bull Dog named Tupac. I have always had German Shepards. We were very close to picking one up but cooler head prevailed thinking about our upcoming wedding.

Our next stop was to a jewelry store to look for mens wedding bands. We did find one for him. Pretty awesome design! It was I think tungsten with a copper band in the middle and had a 1/2 carat of diamonds.

JBR Jewelers in Lancaster, Ohio
Source: via Caila on Pinterest

Again, knowing we had 16 months before the wedding, we ignored the sales lady's pitch about 20% off... layaway... no interest for 6 months... and walked away confident we would be back.

He said a lot of the guys wear their wedding bands on a necklace during surgery since they have to take it of to wash their hands so much. Fun Facts.


  1. So you got the German Shepard, but what is he or she's name?

    1. We actually didn't get him. We both have too much traveling coming up in the next year. Fiancé and I are in a long distance relationship so poor thing would be facing a custody battle