Monday, February 11, 2013

Will you marry me?

This was taken right after we got engaged about 8 months ago. Just a few days after school let out, he came to visit for the weekend. I had picked out the diamond and setting but had not yet seen them together. Dating for 8 years then I really didn't want to be surprised. I was pestering him pretty good the night he came in since the jewelry store had called me to tell me when the finalized ring would be in for pick up. haha Imperfection is perfect for me. He wasnt happy. I was full of ideas that night about how he would ask. I knew it was soon! That morning I woke up to him on one knee by the bed! :)

He later confessed to wanting wait to pop the question until we got to both our hometown to ask me by my favorite spot at my pond but thought it too mean to make me wait any longer. Love him <3

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