Monday, March 25, 2013

Married to Medicine Thoughts and Tweets

I pretty excited that Kari Wells from Married to Medicine tweeted a link to this blog!! (Who knows if this is even her texting or some PR rep.?)

This Married to Medicine show has me interested. Is it realistic? Likely not. I feel like the doctors come from money already. Bah! … Or it might be the little part of me that says “you will be paying off school loans forever and will never get to that level in society.” I mean- who am I to comment!? Not having cable to save for my upcoming wedding (mind you I’m a teacher) has led to reading up online about the show. Thank goodness for the free episode on itunes! From what I gather many people in the medical community have some pretty serious reactions to the show. At any rate, I found it addicting. I will likely be buying the entire season 1 for $15 on itunes. It’s cheaper than getting cable to watch. ;) Day dreaming about luxury houses, purses, shoes, and clothes has become a problem for me. Honestly, what would you expect from an engaged gal in a long distance relationship to a hopeful ortho MS3? I’ve taken up Birkam Yoga to balance my thoughts! Haha. 

In regards to the lifestyle, the clip where Kari worked so hard to have a nice night with her ortho hubby only to have him leave on call was refreshingly realistic. “The chocolates will be gone”. Something I would say. I’m definitely excited to see more episodes. Keep the drama coming!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I said YES to the dress!

Guess who bought a wedding dress today!???? THIS GIRL! :) 

So excited!!

The Jim Hjelm trunk show was this weekend at a dress store in downtown Columbus, Ohio. 

By purchasing the dress from the designer during the show you got 10% off the dress and a $200 accessory credit. My bridesmaids also get 10% through the same store. 

So happy with the purchase!!! I would love to post pictures but the fiance does check this blog.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Reality Check Starter Home


For Sale: $122,900


Est. Mortgage: 
  • Bedrooms:4 beds
  • Bathrooms:3 baths
  • Single Family:2,760 sq ft
  • Lot:6,490 sq ft
  • Year Built:2006
  • Last Sold:Mar 2007 for $166,500
  • Heating Type:Forced air

I think this is still above your price range though. If a miracle happened and we put 10,000 down, our monthly mortgage would still be $777. Yuck. I was hoping for around 650.

Exactly 30 minutes from both our work... potentially.