Me 101

  1. Married June 7th, 2014
  2. Met him in high school
  3. Together since Nov 14th 2003
  4. Went to undergrad together.
  5. I was a physics TA in undergrad for 2 quarters at OSU.
  6. We were in a long distance relationship for all 4 years of medical school.
  7. Favorite color is blue.
  8. I was born on March 16th.
  9. My favorite number consequently is 316.
  10. I’m a math teacher.
  11. I have my Master’s degree in Education.
  12. I hope to get my Ph.D in Education one day.
  13. My nickname from my grandma since birth is poohbear.
  14. I am mentally obsessed with being fit and healthy.
  15. Actually making it work in real life is a different challenge.
  16. I had lines on my stomach in college.
  17. Whole30 challenge survivor
  18. I eat Paleo 70% of the time
  19. Pre-wedding I discovered crossfit and fell in love.
  20. Crossfit workouts are terrible.
  21. For some reason I go back.
  22. I have a cat.
  23. Huby has a lizard with a spikey tale.
  24. The lizzard’s name is Orval.
  25. The cat’s name is Carmen.
  26. The cat really likes the lizard.
  27. Love HGTV.
  28. Love E!
  29. Love Bravo TV
  30. I am obsessed with pinterest.
  31. I love architecture.
  32. I love drawing and looking at house plans.
  33. I am a procrastinator.
  34. I’m stubborn.
  35. I’m a people pleaser.
  36. My mom is a mild hoarder.
  37. I come from a great middle class and hard working family.
  38. Love christmas.
  39. I've had my own 6 foot fake Christmas tree since 6th grade that I have paid for and collected decorations myself.
  40. The fiancé and I were voted cutest couple in high school
  41. We were on prom court together
  42. I grew up on about 360 acres with 2 ponds.
  43. I want lots of kids
  44. I'm terrified of being prego
  45. I have no idea how to make it work in residency when I will be working.
  46. We are in debt up to our eyeballs.
  47. I hate to admit my redneck upbringing
  48. The hubby says not to fight it.
  49. Example: my 7th grade science fair project was testing the average velocities of reloaded shot gun shells against store bought shot gun shells.
  50. I won the science fair
  51. I can sew.
  52. My mom and grandma sew.
  53.  I think I have adult ADHD.
  54. I love skinny vanilla latte’s from starbucks.
  55. Starbucks cake pops are from heaven
  56. I love dressing up
  57. I’m usually over dress to teach.
  58. Lover of  heels
  59. Lover of  putting on make up
  60. Lover of expensive fashion
  61. I can’t afford any of it.
  62. My favorite body part is my eye color- blue.
  63. My least favorite body part is my nails.
  64. I'm a nail bitter.
  65. Hubs is a power lifter.
  66. He keeps my fitness in check.
  67. The jewelry store he bought my engagement ring at called ME to tell me it was in.
  68. After dating him for 8 years, I wasn’t mad.
  69. He was mad.
  70. I woke up to him on one knee.
  71. The medical profession is stressful for the spouse.
  72. Lover of chocolate
  73. I can’t keep plants alive.
  74. I used to run down to “my rock” by the pond to relax.
  75. When I get agree or stressed, I work out still.
  76. My grandma (paternal) thinks my cat is a grandchild.
  77. Aug 2nd 2014 we got a German Shepard puppy.
  78. Her name is Scarlett.
  79. I hate scary movies.
  80. ET is too scary.
  81. Lover of  NYC.
  82. Lover of Hilton Head Island
  83. Lover of Columbus, Ohio
  84. I sing a lot.
  85. I have a type A personality.
  86. I love lists.
  87. I love being in control.
  88. When things are out of my control, I have been known to have a minor private freak out.
  89. Match Day was extremely stressful.
  90. I'm competitive.
  91. I often compete with my hubby and usually lose.
  92. I took ice skating lessons when I was younger.
  93. I have learned to not be so needed throughout my relationship.
  94. My career makes me feel important.
  95. I have never been west of Chicago.
  96. I have only been on a plane once... well... once back and forth.
  97. I like doing things myself.
  98. I say, “I know, right?”, more than I should.
  99. I can spell better in Spanish than I can in English.
  100. My favorite movie is "The Holiday"
  101. I can quote almost all the movie lines in Anchorman 1

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  1. This is way too fun to read! no. 45 "I have no idea how to make it work in residency when I will be working." If I had a blog, my no. 1 would be: Mrs. Bishop and her blog are getting me through residency!