Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stages of Cleaning

My life....

I should probably do something about this.

Why do I do this to myself!?
 <<<Not really but pretty much

Game face! 

Lets do this!

Laundry ...

After I fold about 100 shirt they start looking like this...


Cleaning Break!


back to cleaning...  

eww.... what smells...?

Darn garbage...


Clean Kitchen and Bathroom floors...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Say Yes To Narnia!

Humm... look what I found that I would totally do in my home someday!!

Stepford Pressures

Today marks a mile stone! My closet officially is too full! (Granted I live in a one bedroom 700 sq ft apartment... but still!) I broke down and bought a free standing garment rack from Walmart for my dresses. LOVE IT. When the house is organized I just feel less stressed out!

I also made a pit stop at The Container Store. I hope it is still around in the future when I can afford more things! It's organization heaven. I got an acrylic earring holder for the bathroom and a hanging necklace peg board. My apartment got to the point that I wasn't using everything I have. Cleaning doesn't seem to be my 1st priority throughout the week after I get home from teaching middle schoolers. Weekends lately are full of driving and visiting the Fiance. In my head I have a lovely vision that will turn into a perfect housewife-HA! The reality is some training, or re-training of my ways, will definitely be needed. opps. Iron is one thing I don't hate doing so check that off the list.

Since there is nothing at all to do when I visit the Fiance in Toledo, Ohio, the mall is normally on the list. Williams And Sonoma had the most adorable aprons! Of course I begged him for one. It turns out they were out. We proceeded to go out for dinner. lol Something tells me the Stepford Wife thing isn't really in the cards for me. Meanwhile, if I get a few de-cluttering projects done, I'm happy. :) Very please with my new bedroom/wardrobe!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fitness Organization

I swear... if mentally fighting with myself to go to the gym and eat correctly was a workout, I'd be ripped! I have every intention. Day after day I make excuses.
Then BAM! It hits me: Public accountability! I hope you guys get a picture of this once a month! :) 

It's my "You-get-a-sticker-each-time-you-workout chart". It surprisingly works! I get a green dot for lifting, orange for abs, yellow for elliptical, and pink for running at least a 5k or doing sprints. A check mark means I followed my diet on I am currently letting myself have 1250 calories a day. For so long I paid attention to macros and not calories... I gained 5 lbs last year... no good. 

I am such an A type personality!