Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Reality Check Starter Home


For Sale: $122,900


Est. Mortgage: 
  • Bedrooms:4 beds
  • Bathrooms:3 baths
  • Single Family:2,760 sq ft
  • Lot:6,490 sq ft
  • Year Built:2006
  • Last Sold:Mar 2007 for $166,500
  • Heating Type:Forced air

I think this is still above your price range though. If a miracle happened and we put 10,000 down, our monthly mortgage would still be $777. Yuck. I was hoping for around 650.

Exactly 30 minutes from both our work... potentially.


  1. It is a lovely house and a great price, but I may have to agree with the notes in the little print above. You know what you can afford and don't let a pretty house convince you otherwise. Eventually reality would hit. And it is a big house! Big houses cost more in other terms. Heating, cooling, furnishing, painting, etc. Bigger house, more things to break/fix. Be patient, I am sure you will find something either to buy or rent that will meet all your expectations. Finding a place to live is always an adventure!

  2. We missed you on for Medical Monday!
    Great house, but I laugh at the price. In our neck of the woods you couldn't find a condo for that price. Doesn't that just make your stomach turn???
    On the flip side, once you're all finished with training and paying off the student loans, you will most likely have care payments relatively close to that mortgage payment. Hard to believe now, but that day will come!

  3. I know...! Our house will much likely be way smaller than this. We still dont even know if we want to buy or rent.

  4. you can apply for a doctor loan via suntrust mortgage, fifth third or huntington bank in ohio. we got our first home via fifth third but would recommend huntington over 5/3. doctor loans have no pmi adn 100% financing. you can get an arm while in training. just make sure you buy the house at a good price compared to neighboring homes. we bought ours for $50K less than everyone else in our neighborhood so we'll be fine when we sell. we pay about 2/3 of the mortgage everyone else pays for 2 reasons: 1- our house is cheaper 2- we have the doctor loan at a very low rate. good luck. i would not buy any house that needs maintenance (new hvac, roof, etc). our house was practically brand new so we lucked out on that.