Friday, February 22, 2013

My Life as a Disney Story

Disclaimer: I had to really reach for 10 reasons. lol

Clip #1: 

The Fiance seems to have a thing for staring at me as I sleep. (That sounds odd to type... likely because it is.)

Example 1: He asked me to marry his on one knee beside the bed as I woke up. 
Example 2: He likes to wake me up now by kissing me (see picture above.) This is true especially if he has to work on the weekend but I make the 3 hr drive anyway.

Although really creepy, I actually love it. Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney movies.
(If Disney does it, it must be "OK" **sarcasm**)

When my mom asked how he proposed, I told her the only thing I would have done different is wear my makeup to bed that night. Mom told me that it's good that accepts me completely and it's great I don't need to be anyone else around him. (valid point)

Clip #2
My college roommate will testify this is me cooking.... 

Clip #3
He asked me out 3 times in High School before I said yes. He actually go my phone number from my best friend who had a crush on him at the time. This did not go over well.

Clip #4: 

I like shiny stuff.

Clip #5: 

I like to pretend like everything is going to be ok and nothing is wrong.

Clip #6: 
The house I grew up in has a wood burner as a heater. My dad would chop wood from our forest for the winter.

Clip #7:
Long distance relationships.

Clip #8: 
My parents have a farm with a pond.

Clip #9: 
He likes to grab for my hand. It's uncomfortable so I normally just interlock my index finger around his since his hands are so big.

And finally Clip #10: 
To be honest though (not sleeping beauty), the almost Dr. Fiance looks a lot like Gaston.

(^ wedding photo booth)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Secret to being a Good Wife...

Mr. almost Dr. Fiance looked at me the other day with those eyes that say "I love you" and a grin on this face that literally spoke "You're going to be a good wife." Of course I was being my usual weird self when this happened. What else is new. Since there is nothing to do in his current town for medical school, we typically go to the mall and walk when I visit. This particular time we were in William's & Sonoma. I made a comment that if I had an apron, maybe that would give me a push to learn how to cook and be more domestic. I look around at the patterns and solids but nothing really caught my eye. An idea hit me. The company monograms with tons of colors on their website.  "I think I'm gonna wait until I get home and order one online with my name on it." This elicited the said reaction from the Fiance. I laughed and asked asked "why". Obviously pleased, he closed his eyes and grabbed my hand to walk out of the store and said, "just because."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Away Rotations

The Fiance is preparing to apply for away rotations...

Helpful MD track definitions:
Away Rotation: AKA "aways"...A 1(ish) month trial period at hospitals around the country applied for and completed during medical school in years 3/4 in the specialty of your choosing

Residency: Applied for during year 4 of med school. Interviews held in the winter of ms4. Match Day (AKA "The Match")  in March of MS4 is when you find out where you will complete your training immediately after graduating med school. Residency is 3 years for non surgical specialties and 5-6 years for surgical specialties. See the tab "When I Grow Up" to understand more about the residency application process.

 I am very grateful he asks my opinion where to do "aways"! From what I understand, doing an away rotation  gives you a leg up on the competition for interviews for residency at that particular hospital. Although I am very confident in his CV, very bit helps to ensure you get your top choice for "The Match". He has told me that his impression from people who have gone through this process is to NOT limit yourself. If a hospital for the residency applications see that you have only done away rotations in the Mid West then they interpret it as you are not willing to move; thus, they don't rank you or even invite you to interview. It would be in his best interest to spread out his away rotations to make sure places know he is willing to commit and move. These "aways" are quite pricey though. Each rotation cost $2000 to be there added to finding an apartment for the month, car rental, plane tickets, etc. He is looking to stay with friends or family.

This weekend we narrowed it down to an away at Mount Carmel Hospital in Columbus (since my job is near) and one in either Miami or Orlando. No guarantee he will be accepted into these hospitals for "aways" though. Updates to come!
Wouldn't this be nice!? (writing this in the dead of winter in Ohio)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trying to talk about the future with the Fiance

 Hypothetical situations are extremely challenging for him. Very Frustrating!!!! Does anyone else have this problem??? I know he has a ton going on with school. All I'm asking is that he acknowledge that this sucks for me too and for him to understand I get through it by looking ahead to everything (not just residency placement) .... ughhhh sigh...

(long distance phone call Thursday)
Him: I want to talk face to face about where to do "aways" when you come up this weekend.
Me: k.... why not now over the phone?
Him: I just want to do it face to face.
Me: umm ok...

(at his house Saturday- 3 hr drive)
Him: So what about ______, Colorado?
Me: No. (I explain why. Short version: He has a family member there who is addicted to heroin. I don't want to raise my kids around that.)
Him: Well their program is really good so I'm probably still going to apply.
Me: Eyes widen... really? I thought you wanted my opinion?

(later in the day at the mall as we walk into Pottery Barn)
Me: I like this couch. Can't you see this in a future living room!? :)
Him: I just don't think that's relevant right now. I have other things to think about.

Seriously?? RAWR

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby Gadgets

WHAT?! has the coolest stuff! I've placed several orders with them in the past. The website  is HIGHLY recommended. Twas searching the other day and happened to see a iphone gadget link which took me to all the ipad products and POW this was right in front of me...

****WHEN THE TIME COMES****Seriously putting this on the shower list! HOW COOL!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hair Color Quandary

Last summer I had full highlights and was pretty blonde. A full set of highlights in my neck of the woods (a good stylist) costs about $140. As much as I would love to be blonde full time, my wallet doesnt. To fix it, I went dark all over to my natural level 6 which is a light brown. Since the all over color was a demi it's since faded to this. The picture doesn't quite do it justice but the ends are really light compared to the roots which are a dull light brown. I'm just wondering if I should do an all over treatment again to get ride of the pokey highlights. ... Ombre I guess is in?. Do I want engagement pictures taken like this though? Hrm... decision decisions  Life must be good if this is my biggest problem. <3


I am going to Hilton Head Palmetto Dunes Beach with my family July 4th. This is the first time the Fiance has ever been able to go with us. He has been invited many times but has always had either a baseball tournament, test, or work to worry about. I would love to get back into serious bikini shape.


Today's gym adventure= 700 calories on the elliptical

I really want to do the "Jenna Marbles diet" aka gluten free, non-dairy, lean protein ONLY with tons of fruits and veg until our vacation! She looks amazing!

...Because it makes me happy!

Top things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside:
  1. TMI girls night chats (because you cant help but giggle)
  2. Pilates class
  3. Having all my grades entered in the computer
  4. Going to the gym with the Fiance
  5. Being sore from a workout
  6. Seeing progress in the mirror
  7. Meeting goals
  8. Finding a new song I really like
  9. Dance breaks in my kitchen or living room to that song (learned that on my bed results in a ruined mattress) 
  10. 70 degree and sunny days ("flapping weather" since it makes me want to flap my arms and smile)
  11. Personal maintenance (getting eyebrows threaded/ self tanning/ curling my hair/ doing my make up)
  12. When my apartment is clean (not to be confused with the act of cleaning)
  13. A proportioned, packaged and  planned out menu for the day 

What made you smile today?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Student Loan Debt

First look at student loan debt.

Thank God he got a full scholarship for undergrad!

I just cannot fathom paying it all off. He reassures me time and time again that doctors all over the country are doing the same, making it work, and doing well. Seriously... a test he just registered for just cost him over a $1000. He gets one chance to take it. Why on earth does this information cost so much?! $70,000 per year is absurd. (multiply by 4 years mind you) The interest payment alone during residency (when he will only bring home about 40,000 after taxes) will be several thousand a month.

He tells me that we will do very well in our 40's and after.  

Pinterest Fashion Picks for 2/2013



Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Monday, February 11, 2013

Will you marry me?

This was taken right after we got engaged about 8 months ago. Just a few days after school let out, he came to visit for the weekend. I had picked out the diamond and setting but had not yet seen them together. Dating for 8 years then I really didn't want to be surprised. I was pestering him pretty good the night he came in since the jewelry store had called me to tell me when the finalized ring would be in for pick up. haha Imperfection is perfect for me. He wasnt happy. I was full of ideas that night about how he would ask. I knew it was soon! That morning I woke up to him on one knee by the bed! :)

He later confessed to wanting wait to pop the question until we got to both our hometown to ask me by my favorite spot at my pond but thought it too mean to make me wait any longer. Love him <3

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I have been running with the school's "polar bear running club" which has not been kind to my good 'ol pair of running kicks. My Nikes finally need replaced after both heels have warn down to the inner foam lining and the top of the shoe might birth my pinky toe any day now. We usually run 3 days a week at 2-4 miles each time. The club has been together for about 5 months now.... that's a ton of running! (Math: considering the times I skipped practice... I would guess around 144 miles so far)

Dick's Sporting Goods had these Nike Free +5 Runners on sale for $100. What is really freakn' cool about these is that they have a winterized waterproof sheild and reflective coating! After researching, they also make a jacket out of the same material. - Let's be honest.... getting hit by a car will really ruin your day.

Seriously considering getting the jacket as well!!!!

Puppies, Metal, & Diamonds

It seems like all of my co-workers are getting houses and puppies. Ok... not all... 3 of them. Dr. Fiance and I   went to a puppy store over the weekend. He wants an English Bull Dog named Tupac. I have always had German Shepards. We were very close to picking one up but cooler head prevailed thinking about our upcoming wedding.

Our next stop was to a jewelry store to look for mens wedding bands. We did find one for him. Pretty awesome design! It was I think tungsten with a copper band in the middle and had a 1/2 carat of diamonds.

JBR Jewelers in Lancaster, Ohio
Source: via Caila on Pinterest

Again, knowing we had 16 months before the wedding, we ignored the sales lady's pitch about 20% off... layaway... no interest for 6 months... and walked away confident we would be back.

He said a lot of the guys wear their wedding bands on a necklace during surgery since they have to take it of to wash their hands so much. Fun Facts.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Parenting: Note To Self

When and if I have a girl many years from now...

I'm not going to teach her to be a lady. Society defines this to act and look a certain way. If she only knows how to be lady-like, she will only know how to search for approval from society. This has a time and a place, but is not the end all be all.

I'm going to teach her to
* realize her inner and outer beauty and to realize that "fitting in" doesn't define her.
* be a go-getter, confident, a little bit sassy yet kind, compassionate, and smart.
* value learning everything about everything
* dream big.
* overcomes insecurities to reach her goals.
* know that she has more power as a women by upholding her reputation.
* understand her success and how she attained her goal
* define happiness as when family is together
* to only date men that she would want her son's to be like and her daughters to marry

that is all. mind wanders sometimes.... :)

To the way future Claira Rosalie Bishop...

Apparently my mind thinks you will be Hermione

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Fractured Fairy Tale

I just had to laugh. 
Dedicated to all ortho wives in training. It's not perfect but I wouldn't have it any other way.

New Reality Show Title???? :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Next 16 Months Are In God’s Hands

I cannot believe the amount of LIFE that will be lived slightly more than a year. In the next 16 months, our lives will change drastically due to some factors in our control and many of them OUT of our control. We are in the stage of researching orthopedic surgery residency programs for him to apply. All these apps are due around Thanksgiving of 2013. Most who have been through the process before say that he should apply to about 50 or more of the 80 programs nationwide. The application (like everything else these days) is not without cost. I guess they operate on a “if you apply to X many programs, the price is ____ ” and “If you apply to Y many programs, the cost is _____”.  I think this will definitely eat into our honeymoon money. Sad face. Once his apps are sent into the different programs, we wait…. and wait.. until a school calls or most likely sends an email asking for us to travel to the school for a few days. AS I have said before, some schools have a “dinner” the night prior to the “real” interview just to see how your dynamic meshes with the existing/ newbies. (This gives me about 8-10 months before I need to look like a trophy fiancĂ©. Not joking unfortunately.) My appearance is directly proportional to his first impression. No pressure.

After all he interviews have been completed, we as a couple will literally rank in terms of #’s which program we like best, 2nd best, and so on so forth. (Spark Curiosity Here!) Where would l be ok with spending the next 5 to 7 years of my life?

We have so many options to consider!

His main concerns:
  1.   Does he fit in with the staff?
  2.    Does the program have a Sports Medicine Fellowship to prevent moving again?
  3.    How selective/ competitive is the school interviewed? prestigious?
My main concerns:
  1. How close is it to both our hometown for future Grandparents?
  2.  How is the cost of living in the area?
  3. Is there a job for me? Can I easily transfer my teaching license to that state?
  4. Should we rank Columbus, Ohio in the top 5 simply because I have a job I LOVE already?
  5.  Would buying a house or renting be more cost effective?
  6.  What are childcare costs?
  7. How many hours does a typical resident work at that program?
  8. When it all boils down, I struggle with only one thing:
Is a prestigious residency program worth putting my goals aside?”

The answer 9 times out of 10 is, “YES”. Although I would love for him to create a seamless transition for me and end up at OSU in Columbus, I feel so selfish. He has a great top 15% of the country Step 1 score, potential AOA, and few research articles. As far as I know, is CV looks pretty good! What if he can get into say psh…Harvard? Is it worth the cost of living and putting off having kids? I think I’m starting to surprise myself. YES! HANDS DOWN I would go to a prestigious residency program for the bragging rights! Haha. Of course, I am likely over estimating and dreaming too big. You know what though…. It gets me through the days of long distance knowing in the end this craziness will all be worth it in the end. Sigh.

Top 10 World New Ranked Ortho Programs as of 2/5/2013:
National Rank
U.S. News Score
New York, NY
Ranked in New York metro area and New York
Rochester, MN
Ranked in Minnesota
Cleveland, OH
Ranked in Cleveland metro area and Ohio
Boston, MA
Baltimore, MD
Ranked in Baltimore metro area and Maryland
New York, NY
Ranked in New York metro area and New York
Philadelphia, PA
Saint Louis, MO
Ranked in St. Louis metro area and Missouri
Durham, NC
Pittsburgh, PA
 I need to start researching these teaching hospitals HARD in the next few months. Ultimately to keep from going insane, where we end up is the work of God. Everything happens for a reason.

This wedding video hit home:

"It feels like Home" might be the theme song of our wedding. After long distance and the process of moving together in a potentially new city for residency all that matters is you ARE my "home".

Song found at: 

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Greater Your Patience, The Greater The Fairytale

I think after dating for 9 years and engaged for almost 2 years before we will be married (mixed in with 3 years so far long distance) kind of makes this guy with a bear hat correct...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Random Funny Find

If I ever go camping the the fiance- so doing this...

Yes his reaction will be the same.

The Second Wife Is Usually A Model Type

 I saw a quote the other day that read "Well, doctors' FIRST wives are usually normal. They've been through the hell of medical school, residency, loneliness, raising children alone, etc... and are too exhausted to look put-together all the time! The second wives tend to be more stereotypical (read: young, model types)."

I immediately messaged the fiance the quote. The next day when I got a chance to talk to him, he asked "What was that about?" Definitely was good to talk about future expectations, but I still feel unsettled. I am typically a calm person but very insecure. This fuels my drive to eat healthy and workout I suppose.

 With him being MS3, we have an exciting year coming up. Many of the women I know who have been through the residency interview process already have explained some programs will invite you cocktails with the current residents the night before the BIG interview. Supposedly it's to see how you both mesh with the current staff dynamic. It makes sense. Residents work 120 hours a week. Wives need to be supportive for the "Dr" hubby to keep his head on straight at work. I get it. I just wonder if how "hot" I look is a direct correlated to people's first impression of him.? 

Being the first born grandchild out of 11 has always led my to think about how my actions influence others or will lead others. I'm used to people looking at me. It's just programmed into who I am. I often get caught up in acting "perfect". No surprise in this case of my future husband's career, I am having the same concerns.