Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Orthopedic Residency Applications Sent

The time is here. Residency applications are sent and now we wait yet again. His step one score is very very good and  resume overall is pretty solid.  He keeps questioning how many programs he should apply to in the MD world. Ideally we would like to stay in the Midwest New England, or southern part of United States. Right now I believe the total is up to 70 applications sent out. I'm Pretty sure that it's overkill and at this point we're  wasting money; however, it eases his mind which makes me in turn feel better about life. 

People at work are starting to ask me in the lunch room what my plan is. My answer is a wide-eyed shoulder shrug. I'm preparing myself for the chat with the principal at school. Of course he knows my fiancĂ©'s in med school (he's met him before) But even so, the building is so amazing to work at that I'd rather not tell him I'm leaving. Blah... 

As far as wedding plans go, my wedding dress came in! We reserved the church for the shower and also the wedding. And get this?! ... I liked a post from the exact place I got the bridesmaid dresses & my wedding dress, and it ended up that I actually won a rehearsal dress for free. It's an Alfred Sung dress in any color and any style I want! Who knew these things actually happen?!  
Yes, it's for Real and not a scam. Oooo also engagement pictures have been scheduled for October 20. So excited for the pictures and I'm hoping that its still "fall-ish looking" with leaves on the trees by then.  We are thinking that the pictures are going to be taken at my parents pond/farm. Pumped to get That taking care of. 

I'm not sure I've blogged about this yet but I'm also cross country coach for my school. It's eating up a lot of my time between planning a wedding, grading, planning lessons, and life in general. Even still I'm pleasantly surprised I do enjoy it so much. It Allows extra time to chat with the kids and get To know them on a different level. I keep my classroom pretty fast-paced with little downtime so it's hard to do that in the classroom. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Attitude: 4th Year of Long Distance

 mixed with ...

It's like the next phase will never start.

 Where did happy/ optimistic me go? Below is my attitude the last few weeks.

Update: Residency Interview Suit Purchase

The Fiance lived with me while his was doing his 2 away audition rotations. Just last week he left to go back to school and study for step 2. I can't believe how fast the summer went. I hope this entire year goes as fast! When we are having our hard-of-hearing 75-year-old chats, I am confident we will look back on 2013-2014 as one of the most chaotic times of our lives.

September- The $2000 step 2 exam... ugh...
October- Residency Applications
November- Residency Applications
December- Residency Interviews
January- Residency Interviews
February-wait wait wait
March- Match Day (finding out where he will spend the next 5 years training)
April-Wedding shower- finding a new place to live potentially finding a new job for me
May- Medical School Graduation/ Bachelorette Party / Bachelor Party/ finding a new place to live- potentially finding a new job for me
June- WEDDING- Moving to ? - possible honeymoon if $ is there/ finding a new place to live -potentially finding a new job for me
July- Residency starts- potentially finding a new job for me

Bahh...It makes my head spin. Living alone is getting lonely which intern makes me slightly bitter. ...Sad truth. sigh.

 It's time to start thinking of suits for residency interviews. Since these interviews dictate the next 5 years of my life and his, I had NO problem dipping into the wedding savings to pay for his residency interview suits.

The Fiance has a very athletic build: 48 shoulders and 38 waist. I normally have no complaints about his build but, it's definitely problematic for buying "off the rack".

We ended up going for 2 suits: charcoal grey and black. The pictures below are from Brooks Brothers. He ordered a charcoal grey suit to be tailored. (The one he tried on was navy.) Before alterations and after the Labor Day sales/ old gift card the cost dropped from $648 to $425. The second suit we purchased was a black herringbone athletic cut from Macy's  starting at $648 to $239 to $177, again, before alterations. We definitely saved some money. 2 suits for about 600! Tailoring is estimated to be about $100-$150. Parents are helping with that. I really think a $1000 untailored suit looks terrible compared to a $200 tailored suit.

 I've surveyed several wives who have gone through the interview process. They all have their own opinions of color choice but, the main theme that emerges is undoubtedly confidence. As long as the hopeful resident isn't "flashy" and holds himself well in the suit, the color choice of black, dark grey, or navy really doesn't matter. From what I have been told, charcoal grey is popular choice and that depending on the interview location, black would be appropriate, hence our purchases. We wouldn't have to buy new shoes and could interchange shirts and ties.

Macy's Suit Link
Brooks Brothers Make-Your-Own-Suit Link

Ahhh. C'est la vie

Is it obvious his arms are longer than his legs?!  ;)

Very happy with Brooks Brothers customer service

He was feeling very awkward here as an associates, tailor, and I were all discussing him.