Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Secret to being a Good Wife...

Mr. almost Dr. Fiance looked at me the other day with those eyes that say "I love you" and a grin on this face that literally spoke "You're going to be a good wife." Of course I was being my usual weird self when this happened. What else is new. Since there is nothing to do in his current town for medical school, we typically go to the mall and walk when I visit. This particular time we were in William's & Sonoma. I made a comment that if I had an apron, maybe that would give me a push to learn how to cook and be more domestic. I look around at the patterns and solids but nothing really caught my eye. An idea hit me. The company monograms with tons of colors on their website.  "I think I'm gonna wait until I get home and order one online with my name on it." This elicited the said reaction from the Fiance. I laughed and asked asked "why". Obviously pleased, he closed his eyes and grabbed my hand to walk out of the store and said, "just because."

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