Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trying to talk about the future with the Fiance

 Hypothetical situations are extremely challenging for him. Very Frustrating!!!! Does anyone else have this problem??? I know he has a ton going on with school. All I'm asking is that he acknowledge that this sucks for me too and for him to understand I get through it by looking ahead to everything (not just residency placement) .... ughhhh sigh...

(long distance phone call Thursday)
Him: I want to talk face to face about where to do "aways" when you come up this weekend.
Me: k.... why not now over the phone?
Him: I just want to do it face to face.
Me: umm ok...

(at his house Saturday- 3 hr drive)
Him: So what about ______, Colorado?
Me: No. (I explain why. Short version: He has a family member there who is addicted to heroin. I don't want to raise my kids around that.)
Him: Well their program is really good so I'm probably still going to apply.
Me: Eyes widen... really? I thought you wanted my opinion?

(later in the day at the mall as we walk into Pottery Barn)
Me: I like this couch. Can't you see this in a future living room!? :)
Him: I just don't think that's relevant right now. I have other things to think about.

Seriously?? RAWR


  1. Same thing happened to me this week with picking medical school rotations. "I'd really like you to help me pick rotations because some are away." I get home from work to do it "Oh, nevermind, I already picked them. I'm going to be four hours away for two months."

    Sheesh, men.

    1. Good to know I'm not alone here! bahh lol