Monday, December 3, 2012

So this is what "On Call" means...

Mr. Fiance just finished up his neuro rotation of ms3. All and all it was ok. Nothing special. I could tell he wasn't excited about it. Last week he started the Ortho rotation. First time in he had to work a 12 hr shift then be on call over night AND stayed for rounds. 32 hours later I got a text that read ...."dead". I didn't hear from him again until a day later.

About 24 hours in to his first "on call" experience, I get a call from his mom at about 6:30AM asking if he is alive and that she hasn't heard from him in a few days (lol) Welcome to our new life. My grandma tells me I should get used to my alone time. (I'm actually very ok with it.)

Mr. Fi's 25th bday was also this past weekend! Poor guy didn't have a very exciting birthday I'm afraid. Everyone understandably wanted to stay in and I unfortunately didn't make it up to see him. Yet another point goes to long distance. The long conversation that day got to the topic of residency- where we are going to live and such. Hearing his talk about being on call makes me thing that I might have to bite the bullet and live much farther away from my work and much closer the hospital for him. It's freakn' dangerous to be awake for 32 hour and drive! I am excited for him to be working such long hours and loving it! His driven attitude makes me proud :)

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