Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"I think I want to do 2 fellowships" he said

The Fiance called tonight telling me about how his day in Ortho Surg went: "I dont't think I want to do total joint. The hours are too much." Well thats about right considering you have worked about 70 hours in the last week (actually idk but it seems like it). The 32 hour shift he pulled a few days ago was brutal. Naturally he goes on to tell me "...But I think I want to do 2 fellowships. One in Sports and one in Total Joint."
Here is my look: 

First ...                                                                           Second....


"Wait a minute... Why? Not no... just why?"

 The jest of his statement was that he wants to do more specialized surgeries but ultimately end up doing sports med. Understandable. The goal is to be the best but man... the hours suck. 


  1. OMG! Just found you and so glad I did! I hope you'll stop by my blog. Jane from "From A Doctor's Wife" and I host Medical Monday Blog hop once a month. I hope you'll join us!!
    Good luck with the 2nd year fellowship! The good news is it all goes fast!

    1. I'll definately check it out! :) thanks for looking at my blog!