Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baby Freak OUT!

We are still long distance and 1 and a half years away from our wedding but I am starting to have baby fever about once every 2 weeks. Immediately I snap back into reality. He was at my apartment over the weekend.  Our thing has become waking up Saturday and going to IHOP followed by a trip to blockbusters to rent several movies. This was a especially lazy weekend. He was playing around on my laptop and happened to bring up his work schedule for the past 3 weeks. (I posted on this under "I think I want to do 2 fellowships").   It scares me to death that

1.) There will never be a good time to have babies.
2.) He will never be home to help.
3.) I will be a "single mom".
4.) If I have to stay home to care for them during residency, money will be an issue.
5.) Being away from family during when they are little.

Not knowing is scary. When I get upset, he is very good about calming me and letting me know it would be ok. This time I think a part of him was feeling the same- apprehension. Boo...

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