Monday, December 17, 2012

Reality Check - Starter Home

I love day dreaming about the perfect pinterest home. I recently discovered and decided to stop living in the clouds. I think if he gets residency in Columbus we could afford a $600-$800 mortgage with me still working. Now, if we get residency somewhere else- who knows. I love that my job in in Cbus. It's close to home (ish), and the cost of houses are dirt cheap. We still have a bit over a year until we find out. Boo.

This is more like what we will be starting out in:
Foreclosure: 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 2000 sq ft, $90,000, 30 minutes away from my school and 30 minutes away from downtown cbus/ hospital, small fenced lot

He and I discussed aiming for 2 kiddos during residency so a 3 bedroom would work too. 

I just love this next one:
I mean, really, how cute in the curb appeal. -and look at the ceiling in the living room. This one is $124,000. 2,000 sq ft, with a fireplace & same distance from both our work. 4 beds 2.5 bath. LOVE. With our very very very small down payment, it would be in budget.! Bah- now it has to be on the market for 2 years!

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