Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vacation at Hilton Head

Best news everrr:

Graduation has been moved ahead a week allowing us to have a rehearsal dinner!!!! Yay

In current news:

Im posting from Ocean front rental home on Hilton head island in South Carolina. I'm typing on my phone please tolerate my grammatical errors. Fiancé moves into my apartment today but I'm hanging out with family. A gal has to keep living. He was supposed to come but got wind he was accepted for a VERY important audition rotation at mount Carmel west for orthopedics. The following month he will be at the Ohio state university for orthopedics too. I feel like we will have enough together time. I put notes around my apartment where he should unpack his things. Haha I thought it to be a cute gesture. I even bought him a clothes rack and bulgar wheat (he eats really weird stuff). Enjoy my view! Yes that is a picture of a butt washer in the bathroom lol deciding if I should explore it further ...

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