Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Happy Happy News!

Wonderful news!!! Fiance's graduation from medical school has been moved to may 31st!!! No more worrying about logistics! We can actually have a rehearsal dinner now! Thanks to someone out there who made that executive decision. 

Breathing easy now...oh happy day!

I'm thinking the rehearsal dinner will probably be the same place as the reception since they give a discount. 

Less than a year to go!

My wedding dress should come in the last week in August or first week in September. My veil still needs purchased. Shoes are iffy. I dearly want the ultimate "way-out-of-budget" couture but am waiting to see how the fiancée residency application process plays out. I was eyeing nude open toe pumps.

Best news of all: fiancĂ© started his first orthopedic away rotation and is living with me for 8 weeks! It was weird seeing him so much at first (keep in mind he works 80+ hours\week). I hadn't seen him for a solid 6 weeks prior. I'm cooking and doing laundry aka playing house. Never did I think I would take the role so seriously or think that type of gal to be me. I actually find I like doing it now with him there... I must be ill. 

He is raving about the place he is currently rotating with. I'm talking "Jess, I can't get my hopes up but I love it there. I'm over analyzing everything. Everyone seems to like me. One of the residents even said today that (exact words) when your here as a resident dr.___ will likely be here for ___ more years..." We are both trying to keep a realistic head about it. I know most people don't match at their #1. But seriously, if I can keep my job and he is able to moonlight, wow... Just wow. 

He also started to bring up kids a few days ago!! If we place at the hospital he is currently, I could have my car and student loans paid off in 3 year (because I could stay at my job) then stay at home with kids while he moonlights during pyg3. Kids in 2 years likely. Daydreaming is fun. 

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  1. Day dreaming is fun! I hope that at least a few of those items, if not all, become reality!