Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Help! ...Rehearsal Logistics


How long is the typical medical school graduation ceremony? We did research when planning the date of our wedding. The college normally holds graduation in May. We picked June 7th. Next year it's June 6th. Lovely. We thought about moving the date a week later (June 14th 2014) but that's also his mom's bday. Ortho residency would have orientation up to 2 weeks before July 1st leaving us no time for a honeymoon. As we proceed with the June 7th date right after graduation, I'm wondering if the 4 hour drive to graduation, sitting through it, driving back then going to our rehearsal dinner would even work for me and his parents or if we should go with a wedding day rehearsal brunch? My grandma really wants me to do a dinner. His mom who is paying for it wants a brunch. ... What would you guys do ? All my bridesmaids (5), my parents, and even maid of honor's parents have (without me asking or hinting) volunteered to help set it up if we chose a dinner... ugh decisions... HELP! lol

Options 1: Rehearsal and dinner Thursday (but not all the bridal party could make it)
                 Graduation and traveling on Friday
                 Wedding and reception Saturday

Option 2: Graduation, traveling, a very late rehearsal and dinner Friday (everyone could make it but super tired)
                Wedding and reception Saturday

Option 3: Graduation and travel Friday
                Rehearsal the morning of the wedding, brunch, wedding, and reception Saturday
                (Only problem here is being rushed on the wedding day and seeing each other before the wedding)


Please comment with thoughts.

Good news though! The actual bridesmaid dress swatch came in! Thank you to my lovely bridesmaid Amber for modeling! The dress is Jenny Yoo Fiona style in Turkish Blue. I tried so hard to get a picture of how it look in person. I swear it photographs so much darker and muted. The in person color is slightly darker version of robins egg blue. When I show people they think it's teal.


  1. Graduation ceremonies are longer than necessary, and all dependent on the number of graduates. All those names have to be read and photos taken. I can't remember how long but 2-3 hours sounds about right. I don't know what to say about the timing of your wedding plans. Option #1 seems to be the less stressful, put the purpose of having a rehearsal is for everyone involved to know what's happening. They doesn't happen if everyone isn't there. Option #2 would make for a very busy graduation day, and Option #3 would make for a very busy wedding day. If your wedding is in the late afternoon/evening a morning rehearsal with brunch directly afterwards might be nice as long as you had 3-4 hours to get ready before you had pictures. Oh logistics. Good luck figuring it all out! Turkish blue is beautiful.

  2. Hi! I randomly came to your page, and thought I could offer a little insight. My fiance just graduated last week from med school in Chicago. He had 161 graduates in his class. The ceremony lasted about 2 hrs. I don't know about your fiance's school, but mine then had a reception afterwards for all the graduates and their families, which we ended up staying at for another 1+ hour (most people stayed at least that long). The reception was not required, but it was nice for him to get pictures with family and friends all dressed up in his regalia.
    To add more info which may or may not stress you out more:
    We are getting married post graduation, prior to residency, BUT!! We also thought that residency wouldn't start until at most 2 weeks prior to July, but in actuality, we get married June 7th (!!) and then he starts his orientation on June 10th. It stinks. Our "honeymoon" will be spent as we separately drive the 5 hour drive to our new city. Any chance on moving the wedding up a week? Then, no issue with graduation, no issue with mom's b-day, and you can then still potentially: get married, graduate, and then after graduation have a honeymoon? We're postponing ours until November when he'll get a week off.
    Also, as I sit here somewhat surprised at the similarities, my fiance was leaning towards ortho surgery prior to ultimately deciding on ER. Good luck with all of it!!!