Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"You will make more than him after med school?" gasped Grandma

I usually go to the grocery store once a week to pick up produce for lunches and such. It has become a ritual that I call my paternal grandma who is 82 years old while pushing my Giant Eagle cart. Maybe it's an excuse to roam up and down every isle as if I don't know what I am looking for. Any how... our latest conversation was about where we might be going for residency. The fiance is currently MS3 in Toledo, Ohio for medical school. I am teaching in Lancaster, Ohio at my dream job. Explaining how hard it is to pick Columbus, Ohio for orthopedic residency is quite the conversation. It is much too long and confusing for G-ma J. She made me smile today as I was looking at canned tuna when she told me "If it will help, I will pray for it to happen every night." "Thanks grandma." It is not the easiest thing in the world- telling your grandparents you might not live within a days drive anymore.... Especially when telling someone who thinks my cat is a grandchild. Someday the sadness of that fact will fade to hilarity.  The heavy conversation flowed to talk about money. Gma-"Your dad just told me that you will be making more than him right after he gets out of school??!"
Me-"Yes, that's likely true. Especially if I have a few years under my belt teaching by then. I think residents make a set 45ish"
Gma- "You make what now?"
Me-"Mmm last year 38. This year 39. I think by the time he enters residency our raise will put me in the low 40s. By the time he is done with residency, maybe upper 40s."
Gma-" Thats not too bad."
Me- "Pays the bills."
She went on to ask about my student loans. I am fortunate to have a job in a low income school. If I teach there for 5 years, I get $17,000 of my loans forgiven. By the time he gets into residency, we will be married and I will have 3 years experience in. Long distance while newlyweds is not an option. After telling my Gma this, I'm sure her expression was something like the picture above. lol Here's hoping it works out!! :)

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