Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bridesmaids Dresses.... Check!

I was so pleased this weekend when my 5 awesome bridesmaids walked into the dress store and 40 minutes later walked out agreeing on a style and dress color! My grandma has a major issue with strapless dresses. I also knew I wanted something short for them to wear again and dance in. I let the girls know guidelines and said "GO". I am very happy they all agreed on a dress that looks great on all of them!

This color (turkish blue) in a dupioni silk fabric (obviously not this dress):


But this dress pattern:

Bridesmaids will be wearing the same or very similar open toe nude pumps.

I am still in love with these flowers: 

This is the overall look I am leaning towards: 

Groomsmen will be in black. 

Getting excited! 435 more days to go! haha

What colors should the mom and mom in law wear? My dress is ivory lace with a champagne underlay. The sash that comes with it is beige. I can switch that out though if needed. This a picture of something similar... but not the actual style I bought. 

My make up since I have the same eye color and hair color :)


  1. Wow - sounds like you have the entire thing ready to go!

    1. Haha.... we've *only* been dating 9 years. ;)

      I'm ready. He is too. Poor dude is really ready for his 3rd year of med school to be over. I put my dress on for my bridesmaids at the store and got such a rush of "I wish this were happening sooner". Our long distance relationship allows time to plan. Pinterest is my life. It's a shame how much time I spend pinning things!

      Our wedding date is the day immediately following his 2pm graduation 4 hours away from both our hometown and wedding location. We don't mess around! haha