Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Wedding!

My definition of love:

Love is a blind connection, often unspoken, yet noticeable to everyone around. True love is rare, unmistakable, and restful. It unintentionally defines the person who I am today. Love has made me entirely change my outlook of the world since, without hesitation and without conscious calculation; my every decision is naturally made in care of Charlie. It is the recognition of my own flaws and honest attempt to become a better person for him. In time and after every new experience we overcome together, my loves grows deeper, with more maturity, and clarity. It is an unbroken trust that no matter what is thrown our way, how many miles are between us, or how long it’s been since we have seen each other that we will be OK, and even better, on the other side. Time is not our enemy but a friend. It’s an excitement for the future. Love an intense feeling of satisfaction I can make him, my best friend, happy. It’s celebrating with him through his and my accomplishments, and being immeasurably proud to stand by his side through it all. True love is timeless.

The day was a whirlwind of joy and excitement. The only time I cried-cried was the night of the rehearsal dinner around midnight when my brother and parents were in bed. I just finished editing the ridiculous soundtrack for our epic dad-daughter dance when I thought to check my email. I opened a thank you note from one of my former students, whom also was my classroom aid for a period of time. In the email she thanked me for a great year, helping her to love math, remembered my wedding date, and wrote that she was thinking of me. Quiet tears ran down my face past my smile sitting Indian style and hands in my lap. It was a moment I needed to myself- at peace with life.

I remember getting maybe 4-5 hours of sleep. When I heard dad's alarm go off I shuffled down the hall past my parents bedroom. Mom immediately cried when she saw me. Laughing I said "Oh Mom...Already??!" and hugged her. Dad fixed his usual big breakfast with plenty of time for Mom and I to get to the Studio East Hair Salon. 

I loved the venue choice for our 180ish guests! The Wheeling Artisan Center's first floor is a restaurant/bar area followed by a glass/art gallery on the second floor. The third floor was our party. The dancing and tables where on one side, food and restrooms on the other separated by a sky light lit balcony connected by an elevator bridge, walking bridge, and bar bridge.

Our hotel was in walking distance which proved to be very convenient for those of us who shut down the downstairs bar with live music. People told me before the wedding that the actual night goes incredibly fast, but I didn't believe them until waking up to a pretty solid hangover the following morning. ;) So caught in the moment, Charlie and I left my flowers at the venue and cake topper in the hotel refrigerator. In hindsight a very telling clue into our relationship. Flowers whither. Cake spoils. Our company will not.

Thank you to everyone who made June 7th, 2014 unforgettable.  

Hair: Studio East Hair Salon
Make Up: Adriene Pace
Photographer: Alisha Thomas Photography
Second Shooter: Rebecca K Swingle for LifeLens Photography
Videography: Luke Nelson 
Pastor/Officiant: Mark Zelewizc

Dress: La Jeune Marie of Columbus, Ohio 
Dress Designer: Jim Hjelm 8011
Bridesmaid's Dress Designer: Jenny Yoo Fiona Turkish Blue
Bridesmaid's Shoes: Nine West for Bridesmaids
Bridal Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Jewelry: Kirk Kara and Haute Bride 
Tux: Mens Wearhouse
Flowers: Boadners Florist
Venue: River City Artisan Center
Church: Calvary Presbyterian
Bride's Workouts: True Fit Athletics Crossfit


  1. Congrats! You looked gorgeous! I sent you an email not so long ago, to the account, hope you had the chance to read it, and thanks for that definition of love, i needed just that!

    1. I did! Thank you so much! I've been meaning to write you a long response back for awhile now! Hope all is well.