Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fitness Organization

I swear... if mentally fighting with myself to go to the gym and eat correctly was a workout, I'd be ripped! I have every intention. Day after day I make excuses.
Then BAM! It hits me: Public accountability! I hope you guys get a picture of this once a month! :) 

It's my "You-get-a-sticker-each-time-you-workout chart". It surprisingly works! I get a green dot for lifting, orange for abs, yellow for elliptical, and pink for running at least a 5k or doing sprints. A check mark means I followed my diet on myfitnesspal.com. I am currently letting myself have 1250 calories a day. For so long I paid attention to macros and not calories... I gained 5 lbs last year... no good. 

I am such an A type personality!

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